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Students in SEO and website management can access these books to supplement their studies. Find expert advice between the covers!

The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization by Eric Enge

Stephan Spencer Stephan produces and presents the 3-day training intensives and devises the latest SEO strategies that meet the current expectations of Internet users. He also produces video material for his SEO training and coaching program at

Building Findable Websites by Aarron Walter

This SEO book has been written for marketing professionals. Each chapter presents readers with insights into the world of SEO marketing and gives students a different perspective on how to accomplish simple tasks in website and content management.

Readers can use expert advice and examples to help them build websites that will reach the target audience. Find out more about existing technologies such as Flash, Ajax, and APIs. Help users to find content easier within your site. These strategies will encourage users to return to your site.

Brainstorm ideas behind the latest SEO technology. Don’t compromise on user experience to create an SEO friendly site. Find out how content can help sites to become more successful.

Web Content Management: Systems, Features, and Best Practices by Deane Barker

Published in 2016, this book provides an unbiased and clear overview of content management software, from looking at the latest platforms to implementing clever content strategies. Learn from project managers, executives, and developers in the industry.

Web Hosting for Dummies by Peter Pollock

Find a hosting web service that provides you with everything you pay for. This guide was published in 2016, and the author shares what he has learned about web hosting throughout his life in the business.

The Web Hosting Manager by Christopher Paetz

Published in 2015, this book teaches you everything you need to know about web hosting services. What are the components of a web hosting service? Find out how to make it big in this industry without having to know any system.

Find these books online or in a bookstore near you. Learn about applying the basics of SEO, web design, and content management to your business model.